The Battle Royal That Went From Zero To Hero


Battle Royal games have since existed during the peak of Minecraft and Arma 3 on PC. Nowadays, you’d see games such as PUBG and Call Of Duty on mobile being played by many teenagers and so on. PUBG started out as an Arma Mod that went into full solo development by BlueHole and is now fully under the PUBG Corporation. The game then was ported and optimized for mobile phones which led to mass popularity all over the world. This led to a lot of people knowing what game PUBG is.


As of now, PUBG stands to be one of the most prominent mobile games that has ever been developed online and remains to have the largest player base compared to COD mobile on the phone. These two behemoth’s of games have their fair share of fun in the sun with players all over the world and has slowly begin to shrink in playerbase but with the emerging quarantine and lockdown sessions all over the world, the player base has spiked to an all new high for PUBG and now pushes to be the number 1 online mobile battle royal game on the market.


Tips On Getting To TOP #10 in PUBG


The first tip we want to share is to plan your positioning and movement across the map. Drop as far away from the plane as you strategically can and, if possible, in a low risk area which prevents other players from clumping together with you and fighting. This gives you a higher survivability factor and increases your chances of reaching the top 10 tremendously. But you must take note that you would need weapons. So, in the heat of planning, try to avoid areas that do not have enough equipment for you or your team in total.


The next tip is to always keep riding the circle whenever possible. Riding the circle gives you a clear advantage of knowing that no one is behind your back and this is further emphasised at the last few circles of the game because the damage done outside the circle to a wandering player would be intolerable for them to stand behind the circle for more than a few periods of time. Riding the circle also gives you massive bonus points on having you back further away from enemies if they are riding in the same path. You would be less likely to be in a “sandwich” situation when riding the circle.


Our final tip is to keep high ground. Maintaining high ground is similar to maintaining cover. A ledge or a defilade would give you great advantage over opponents at higher ground. This gives your team an advantage of peaking and taking cover at the same time where if an enemy does not have anything to hide against, they would be open down below for fire and would be easy pickings for team fire effort. Remember though, that snipers are bound to take you down with precision and we discourage fighting a seasoned sniper even when your team has the high ground advantage.


Closing Thoughts On PUBG Mobile For 2020


It’s definitely a great game but it has its limits. We feel like the PC version of the game has more to offer and is similarly great but it would be better because of the keyboard and mouse movement element that does not give you a hard time aiming or strafing when needed. So, we encourage the movement to PC platforms for the best possible experience you can find in PUBG at any moment.