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So, in this content you will learn about odt and pdf files, why you need to convert them and more. So let’s start by knowing ODT files and PDF files. A text file with the ODT extension based on the OASIS Open Document format, or ODF for short, is also known. LibreOffice and OpenOffice are used primarily as standard file formats in unlicensed office suites.

Just like DOCX is to Microsoft Word, ODT files are to Word Processor Writer. Some programs can open and edit ODT files, including Google Docs and Google’s online word processor integrated with Google Drive. In addition to opening ODT files, Microsoft Word also allows you to save them in DOC and DOCX formats. A portable document file is what they call it. It is the best name for such a file because it can be easily and easily transferred from one place to another without worrying about software compatibility mentioned above.

What is an ODT file and why should I convert it to PDF?

ODT files are a subset of documents created by word processing programs using the Open Document Text file format. It is created using word processing software such as the free OpenOffice Writer and can contain text, pictures, objects, and information including styles. The ODT extension defines text files based on the OASIS Open Document Format (ODF for short). Used primarily as a standard file format by the open source office packages LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Convert ODT to PDF to work with all possible versions of these files. Convert files to PDF to instantly share documents and save trees and other natural resources. File Protection: Easily protect confidential information with PDF documents. Protect PDF reading and editing with sensitive encryption certificates or passwords.